Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mexican Quesadilla

So this was somewhat a leftovers-directed creation but it was really really good. After having made a burrito for lunch that day, which I made in the morning and hence did not have time to take a picture, I was so excited by how delicious it was, I kind of wanted another one for dinner. But I wanted it to be a bit different, so naturally, I thought, quesadillas! I spread Tofutti cream cheese on one tortilla, and leftover refried black beans on the other. Then I sandwiched sauteed kale and just a bit of salsa in between the two and grilled it on my grill pan. I sliced it into 6 pieces and served it with the last of the tofu cream and Whole Foods pico de gallo.

Verdict? This was amazing. Even better than the burrito I was raving over. The crispy golden-ness of the tortillas, and the sauteed kale and creaminess of the cream cheese and mashed black beans was just perfect. And dipped in the tofu cream and pico was absolutely heaven. Soooo good. I wouldn't change a thing. I didn't miss the gooeyness of the cheese in classic quesadillas one bit, which was a big surprise to me. I think all quesadillas should have some greens in them. It's just so dang delicious.

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