Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crispy Mushroom Pizza

So this was I think the most classically vegan meal I've made thus far. I think. But who am I to know? I've only been vegan for 3 weeks. Basically, I sauteed mushrooms, onion and garlic until nice and soft and browned and set aside. The "cheese" is actually the tofu cream recipe from The Kind Life: firm tofu, steamed, then blended with umeboshi plum paste, lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons of veganaise. Then I lightly broiled a whole wheat tortilla, topped with the cream and then the mushroom mixture and boiled until the toppings were warmed and just beginning to dry out a bit. Topped with some parsley and served.

This was also really really good. The tofu cream imparts just that bit of acidity and creaminess that pizza needs, but it's more like sour cream than cheese. And it contrasted nicely with the crispness of the tortilla. And mushrooms and onions are always delicious. When I made a second pizza with the leftovers the next day, I put some sauteed bok choy greens under the mushroom mixture and that was even more delicious. Also, it's crucial to poke holes in the tortilla before broiling to prevent it swelling like a balloon, which I repeatedly forgot. I also used the tofu cream in a burrito a few days later, along with homemade refried black beans, sauteed kale and fresh salsa...which was possibly the best burrito I've ever had. Ever. And I ate it 4 hours after making it, for lunch. And I used the tofu cream in a dish tonight that I will post shortly. Basically, the tofu cream and the basic method for making tortilla pizza were the takeaway lessons here. Although the basic recipe is good, there are a million things you can do differently to customize it to your own tastes. Yum. Being vegan is fun...and very educational.

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